Powering the Decentralized Economy

An innovative, scalable, institutional-grade cloud platform for building the next generation of decentralized and blockchain applications.

Build on a Solid Platform

Our platform offers stability and scalability in a world of shifting technology sands.

Guard Against Cyber Risks

Security and protection of data and applications through quantum-proof cryptography.

Build on the Northern Shield and leapfrog from idea to in-market

Our Northern Shield platform handles the hard problems

Get up and running faster with our decentralized platform, featuring a broad range of available integrations, rich ecosystem of services, built-in global business protocols, smart data management, and advanced security.

Change the World, One App at a Time

  • Enabling disruptive technology in emerging industries

Launch in-market up to 5x faster.

  • Flexible microservices architecture enables rapid build

  • Interoperability across complex technical environments

Conduct global business at scale

  • Institutional-grade integrations and protocols

  • Navigate complex global regulatory issues

Build for the future with quantum-ready security

  • Unified security protections that travel with the data
  • Real-time risk mitigation across the technical ecosystem

Stay Ahead Of Changing Technology With A Scalable Foundation

Our scalable, secure infrastructure enables rapid development and provides a future-proof technology foundation.


Advanced Data Management

Security protocols travel with the data, leaving no points of weakness.


Secure Distributed Transactions

Device proof transaction handling, taking smart contracts to a new level.

Workflow Management

Goal-oriented system design enables interoperability across complex tech environments.

Flexible Microservices

From identity services to transcoding, our vast menu of services streamline development and reduce time to market.

Bring us your vision, we will help you build it

Our expert team will partner with you to navigate the planning and execution from market analysis to technical implementation.

Application Development

Full stack development resources.


Rapid Prototyping

Microservices implementation expertise.

Transactional Revenue Pricing

Platform fee based on transaction volume, reducing early stage margin pressure.

Capital Injection

Actively investing time and capital to help innovators get into market faster.

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