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Powering and enabling the decentralized economy with Northern Shield

Our Solutions are Designed & Built for Industry Trailblazers

In a quickly evolving market, speed to market is key, but many developers are forced to implement a lightweight MVP that isn’t built to scale. Partnering with TrueNorth Quantum means not having to choose between doing it fast and doing it right.



  • Integrates with established technology and decentralized systems
  • Removes friction from business model
  • Global privacy and security protocols

Secured & Insured

  • Future-proof security 
  • Unified security protections that travel with the data
  •  Insured platform protects app developer

Flexible Architecture

  • Distributed microservices enable agile deployment
  • Reduces risk and complexity of building decentralized application

Service Offerings

  • Multi-level Custody Services
  • Exchange platform service

Build on Secured Microservices Architecture

Why build on a secured microservices architecture? 

  • Rapid build and deployment
  • Reduce time to market
  • Streamline and manage technical complexity 
  • Focus on end user benefits
  • Launch an MVP built to scale 

Why Northern Shield?

What Makes Northern Shield Proprietary Microservices Platform Different? 

  • Goal-oriented infrastructure
  • Model complex business rules to oversee smart contracts
  • Audit trails

Below are some of the key microservices Northern Shield customers have access to use, putting them leaps and bounds ahead of traditional development teams.

Multi-Level Custody Services

The Northern Shield digital asset custody solution is designed and developed to the security standards of major financial institutions using quantum-proof cryptography to secure cryptocurrency and other digital asset tokens across multiple use cases.

Warm Custody

Protect assets without losing access with Northern Shield’s High Speed Quantum Hybrid Key Generation and Storage

Hybrid algorithm for securing the blockchain key, quantum proof with strong authentication, identity verification and authorization for every transaction

Warm wallet will automatically transfer key to cold storage after a defined amount of time securing the assets

Cold Custody

Flexibility and accessible cold storage within an institutional environment with Northern Shield’s Single Quantum proof key generation and storage. 


  • A single quantum proof key and algorithm will be used to encrypt the users private key
  • Generated and stored within the Bank Trusted environment
  • Private key can be recovered within seconds and moved to the warm account for trade execution
  • User defines amount of assets assigned to cold custody and duration before its moved to the frozen Vault.

Frozen Custody

Secure long-term digital assets with Northern Shield’s Distributed Quantum Proof Key Generation and Storage


  • A distributed quantum proof cryptographic algorithm generates the key across multiple servers and the entire key is never stored in a single location
  • Distributed Hardware & HSM Physically Protected (FIPS 140-2 Level3) with Quantum cryptographic algorithms implemented in hardware
  • All key generation and encryption runs within the trusted bank environment
  • Designed to store a large amount of assets that are not required for trading, need to be extremely secured
Build on the Northern Shield and leapfrog from idea to in-market

Transaction Engine

The Northern Shield Crypto Exchange solution bridges the gaps between institutions and blockchain-based direct trading services, all backed by quantum cryptography and computing power. Whether protecting and facilitating the fast-growing cryptocurrency market or helping patients reclaim ownership of their health data, the Northern Shield offers protected, convenient transactions for all sides.

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