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and Build Differently.

Our Customers Are Changing the World.

What if globally distributed systems could be secure, scalable and regulatory optimized from day one? What if innovators and large institutions could prototype new decentralized applications with minimal risk and participate in disruption without being disrupted? 

The TrueNorth Quantum vision is a new, decentralized economy that empowers disruption and enables innovation across industries currently weighed down with transaction friction and security risks.





Partner Acceleration Model

TrueNorth believes that enabling innovation begins with partnership. Our partner acceleration enables industry disruptors to succeed, no matter where they are in their business journey.

Application Development

We offer full app development to businesses with disruptive ideas but need a strong technical partner to implement. 


Rapid Prototyping

Microservices experts with real-world development experience help bring the vision to life.

Transactional Revenue Pricing

Rather than a traditional license fee, our revenue is a direct result of customer success. 

Capital Injection

First-mover advantage is key. As a partner, we look for opportunities to accelerate innovation, including investment in disruptive technologies we believe will change the world. 

Build on the Northern Shield and leapfrog from idea to in-market

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